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SAM Girls College was set up in the year 1999 with the aim and mission “Empowerment of women through education”. To carry this vision forward SAM Girls’ College was established, which has become a hub for excellent higher educational opportunities for women. This institute is suited for every girl/woman, who aspires and dreams and is ready to put in the hard work for professional studies.


To be the leading educational institution in the region with multifaceted development-centric approach, a focus towards holistic growth of its stakeholders and a responsibility towards societal betterment.


To follow 3 E – Holistic Development Approach that strives to

EDUCATE through student centred pedagogy and constructive approach.

EMPOWER the girls by instilling Right Values, Skills and Confidences.

EXCEL in all aspects of Governance, Education and Development.

Er. Preeti Saluja Director,
SAM Girls College

Director's Message

SAM Girls College is a pioneer academic college established under the umbrella of SAM Group that rears the girls of today’s era into individuals who are ready to take on the world. We believe in imparting excellence in education to its students while simultaneously focusing on varied facets of career development and personality enhancement.

SAM Group is a leading group in Central India, providing world-class infrastructure and excellence in the field of education. Our founder, the Late Shri I.S. Saluja, deserves the homage of immortals. He founded the SAM Educational Society over four and a half decades ago with a vision to offer quality-based education to students of all backgrounds.

We are committed to nurturing juvenile minds and preparing them for the challenges of today`s globalized knowledge and technologies. Our exceptional faculty, curriculum, distinguished guest lecturers, visiting faculty, field exposures, internships, and placements provide the optimal balance between theory and practice. The unique combination of Regular Studies and Alternate Career Courses makes us the most sought-after destination for both UG and PG aspirants.

Principal's Message

The function of Education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of True Education.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

The likelihood of achieving this is strengthened by the fact that we at SAM Girls College offer an Academic Program that includes breadth and depth and can be tailored to individual needs. We cultivate high academic standards and have high expectations of discipline and inspiration from our students. We instill in our students a passion for learning and acquiring knowledge that they will need to make a positive contribution to society.

We believe in the holistic education that motivates our students to have a vibrant dynamism, an unparalleled knowledge base, an acute consciousness about the world, a focused ambition, and a sustained commitment. We impart education that is based on conscience, and we rear a breed of young minds that are bustling with self-confidence and motivation, and ever-ready to take on challenges. The campus, sports, cultural, co-curricular activities, and academic facilities all bear testimony to this effort.

We create a safe and social environment that helps all our students learn and succeed. We nurture each student to ensure that their journey at SAM Girls College is successful and improves their future prospects. Our students thus become versatile individuals with values of absolute faith, hope, and love. In a world that rewards perseverance, resilience, leadership, and communication skills, our students leave well-prepared for life’s challenges.

Dr. Neetu Bajpai
Principal, SAM Girls College

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