Department of Library Science

The Science of Organization !

Library science is an interdisciplinary field of study that deals generally with organization, access, collection, and protection/regulation of information, whether in physical (e.g. art, legal proceedings, etc.) or digital forms.

PG Courses

Library Science is an interdisciplinary area that covers the learning of the standards and performances of Library Administration. It is also called Library and Information science. M.Lib.Sc is a Post Graduate Degree that is offered for a program in the area of Library Science. Indian Library Association is a leading union committed to the source of Library Movement and Development. It is also responsible for certification of institutions imparting Library Science education.

It also covers promotion of Library Science Education and the development in the training of Librarians in the country. M.Lib.Sc covers materials like library networking, on-line and digital library services, library science research etc. it is a two-year program. For distance education program, the duration varies from 1 year. This will depend upon various institutes.


Eligibility Criteria for M.Lib.Sc

The eligibility for applying the course is a pass in graduation in Library & Information Science / Library Science / Information Science or equivalent from a reputed college.

There are certain institutes, which carry out entrance tests for selecting the applicants for the program. There are certain distance-learning institutes which allow bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Science, Computer Applications, Arts and Business Administration. There are different Library Science Schools, which offer Library Science Degree courses at the post-graduation level.



Job and Career options

There are many technologies coming in the field of reading material. Some of them are electronic media and digital documents. Now a day we are getting information faster. This area is improving to a greater extend. The chances are also increasing. The aspirants can work in foreign embassies, public and photo libraries. Some posts available for these aspirants are information analyst, professor and information center director.

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